Today You’ll Find Me: (1) In Print for the First Time; (2) Giving Away GILDA; (3) Trying, Failing, Trying Again


Photograph of me by Jennifer May

The very first profile of me—ever in my life—is out this month in Chronogram Magazine, this beautiful monthly arts and culture magazine in the Hudson Valley, where I’m from. It’s so exciting to be featured, especially because that’s where I grew up. When I was a teenager living there, I had all these lofty dreams of growing up to become a “Writer”… I’m not really sure how I pieced together what being a “Writer” would entail, and how I’d know when I was one, and I sure didn’t think of how much hard work would be involved, and how many years it could take… but I was very set on it. You couldn’t have talked me out of it if you’d tried.

Seeing the profile makes me think that maybe it actually really came true.

In the Chronogram story, “Poison and Polka Dots,” you can find out more about me, my hometown, my inspirations, and the new manuscript I’m writing that’s currently consuming me in all the good, awesome ways you can be consumed by a manuscript. If you aren’t in the Hudson Valley and can’t get a copy of Chronogram, don’t worry, you can read the story online.

I think it’s important to savor every first. I’m thrilled that Chronogram was the first magazine to have me in it!


gildaYou have another chance to win a signed copy of DANI NOIR—just visit Susan Adrian’s blog, where you’ll find an interview of me about noir inspirations, slipping into the skin of a 13-year-old, and my admittedly ridic writing process. Plus, we’re giving away not just a signed copy of the book but a DVD of the movie Gilda, starring the stunning, incomparable Rita Hayworth.

I love Rita Hayworth, just like my character Dani does. Don’t you?


I spent all day yesterday writing something that failed. An idea I’m throwing away today. Now, yesterday, I didn’t know it had failed, or else I wouldn’t have spent all that time writing it. Yesterday, if you’d said to me: “That idea is not worth working on,” I would have fought you on it, probable scratching and name-calling involved. But today’s a whole new day, and in daylight I can see what I couldn’t see yesterday. What’s working, and—more importantly—what’s not working. There’s a new idea as of this morning, one I’m much more excited about. So I’m starting back at the blank page, but I’m going to keep trying. I won’t ever stop trying.

I’ll get there. No matter how long it takes.

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