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Pressure, Now Fully Illustrated


Feeling it.

I pressure myself more than anyone else does. Do you ever feel like you’re running behind yourself, screaming in your own ear to pick up the pace? Move faster. Think up a better word. Write a better book than last time. Write a better book than you think you’re writing now. Do not disappoint them. Do not disappoint yourself. You’re not working hard enough. Move, move, move!

I joked about the five compartments of my brain on Facebook, but really it’s the truth. My mind is really filled up with only five things right now. Can we have a pie chart?

What's on my mind

Truth is, I’m stressed out. I need to go home. Why does it always happen that when I decide I need to go home it’s dark and I can’t find my shoes?

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9 responses to “Pressure, Now Fully Illustrated”

  1. This pie chart cracks me up!

    Seriously though, last year at this time I was coming up on my deadline, and I think it literally made me ill. I still got the manuscript done on time, though, and so will you!

    • I agree. NO MATTER WHAT, I will make my deadline. I always find a way to. In fact, I love the urgency and agony that comes with deadlines. Makes you feel alive. I don’t know if I’d finish anything otherwise. The things languishing on my hard-drive, never fully written, are that way because no one gave them a deadline!

  2. This is hilarious! You still have your sense of humor, clearly. My pie chart would include a large slice of “wanting coffee” and “need for chocolate chip cookies!”

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