Happy Novel

Report from the trenches: Now certainly past the 50,000-word mark and trying not to count words till we’re done. 50,000 in the rearview; still going. It’s best to avoid counting; this way we won’t freak out about being over word count and freak out more about scaring our agent and editor into thinking we’re writing War and Peace* because we are not, no one should worry, it will be far shorter. I will keep the word count secret unless asked. BUT I will report that the novel is feeling fine today. She’s loving the pages I gave her this morning. She’s all shiny and happy and now she wants lunch.


It’s days like this that make all the other days you struggle through so very worth it.

I can’t pick a voice in this post and I DON’T CARE.

When your novel’s happy, you’re walking on air. Or I am. Or she is. Or we all are. Who cares. The novel is far better written than this post. Off to feed it.

* War and Peace = 1,296 pages; paperback shipping weight = 2 pounds

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