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Me on the WBBT & the Last Contest (?)

The Winter Blog Blast Tour is under way this week—check out the lineup—and you’ll find me featured today on Shelf Elf. I talk about the writing rules I set for myself because I am a ridiculous person who likes to make up rules and then break them, I talk about the things that inspire me, and I probably mention Rita Hayworth at least once, it’s sort of hard not to.

Know what else? If you’ve been curious about this book called DANI NOIR, wondering hmm maybe if you want to read it? You can win it in a contest—like this very contest on A Passion for Books!

I’m pretty sure that’s the last contest, that I know of, for this book. I mean, if you don’t win that contest and you want to read it, go to the library or buy it because I’m running out of copies to give away.

Oh, and this isn’t my contest, but it’s such a cool contest I have to plug it: Check out Victoria Schwab’s blog for the Bookshelf Share!

I want mac and cheese.

Oops. Did that just slip into this post unannounced? So sorry. Just ignore me and go about your day entering those contests!

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4 responses to “Me on the WBBT & the Last Contest (?)”

  1. Did you ever get your mac & cheese? I’d make you some of my famous Tex Mex mac & cheese if you were just a wee bit closer. Maybe if you ever come to visit Josh, I’ll get a chance then?

  2. Urgent announcement: I did NOT get mac and cheese last night. And e is too busy today to make my mom’s home recipe for me. And I can’t make it like he does. Therefore, I will wait.

    Is the Tex Mex version vegetarian? If it is, I would love to try it!

    • This is terrible. I am making mac + cheese immediately. It isn’t your mom’s recipe, but it is Martha and she’s pretty good at this cooking stuff. Can you get here for dinner?

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