End-of-Year Hiatus

Those who read this blog know that I am on high alert, actively pursuing my manuscript deadline, and getting concerned at the quickly passing days. Over the months, I’ve tried many things to get myself there. I’ve tried new schedules. I’ve blocked myself from Twitter for short bursts (some of you may remember the Twitter Break of Nov. 1-7). I’ve banned myself from Facebook for more short bursts. I’ve made a new personality on my Macbook called “Nova the Writer” who has no access to any websites except Pandora and blip.fm. I’ve even made great sacrifices to write full-time because I knew I couldn’t make this deadline otherwise…

And then I’ve cheated. And made excuses.

I’m afraid to say that the above concessions may not be enough. My mind feels crowded. My insecurities flare. And that deadline is only getting closer. I began thinking that maybe I should do another Twitter and Facebook break for the month of December.

Then, today, I saw Sara Zarr’s announcement that she’ll be taking a hiatus from social-networking sites starting tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 29 through January 6. Laurel Snyder is in too. And they’re not the only ones.

Listen, I don’t want to do this. I want to be one of those strong people who can balance everything and handle the world and write brilliantly at the same time. I’m not that person.

So I’ll be staying off Twitter and Facebook starting tomorrow and ending in the New Year. I will be trying. Making a solid attempt—and here I’ve announced it publicly, so you know now. You know.

I’ll still be:

  • Blogging here about writing when the mood hits, just not obsessively
  • Updating DaniNoir.com and my main website if there is any news
  • Checking and sending email. You can reach me at: nova [at] novaren [dot] com

I will still be sending out the DANI NOIR postcards, as I teased on Twitter, and I plan to do that this week. If you want one, email me your mailing address. I have a few left.

I wish you a calm, productive end to 2009. When I see you next on Twitter and Facebook, I hope to have the full first draft in the hands of my agent, as promised, and a new drive to get it ready for my editor on Feb. 1, as promised, and contracted, which is scarier than a promise, and—most of all—I hope to talk to you again with a clear, unjumbled head.

Now… is anyone else taking the plunge?

7 responses to “End-of-Year Hiatus”

  1. I should, I really should. But I’m only in the beginning stages of a new project, so I think staying off the social media until I’ve accomplished x, y and z on any given day should be sufficient. But I really DO need to stick to that (for once).

    Good luck, Nova! I’ll miss reading your tweets. (I don’t get on Facebook that much anymore.)


  2. *grinds teeth*

    I think I’m with you. I’m hardly on FB anyway… It’s twitter that I’ll miss. I keep it open while I write, but I wonder if that’s just another form of procrastination.

    I have two deadlines: my editorial revisions (more like a restructuring, and it’s such hard work) and an anthology short story. I also have an unofficial third ‘deadline’ of getting a revised ms to my agent (on-spec project). I feel scared to drop off the online ‘radar’ though… I want to do this with you Nova. Help me!!!



  3. I’m in, I’m in, as of this afternoon! Won’t be back until 12/10 (after the “mini-moon”).
    PS: people who say they balance everything have a secret closet filled with all manner of unresolved skeletons. I’m tellin’ ya.


  4. You know, I was just having this same conversation last week. I’m cutting my time way back during the holidays. Much work to do – along with the regular zaniness. Good luck to you!


  5. I’ve blocked myself from Twitter for short bursts (some of you may remember the Twitter Break of Nov. 1-7)

    YES, I DO REMEMBER IT. I remember it well. And painfully.

    You will rock this, Nova! Rooting for you always, in spite of my pain. 😉 Your book is going to be great. *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*


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