This Post Will Not Mention the Word “Twitter”

Oops. Just mentioned it in the title. Anyway, today is Tuesday. Did you know that? I feel all out of sorts—but in a good way. In a close-to-your-novel kind of way, like we’ve been hiding out together in a tent and haven’t yet opened the flap to see what’s going on outside. So the writingContinue reading “This Post Will Not Mention the Word “Twitter””

Of Course This Happens the Week I Can’t Log in to Twitter or Facebook

Don’t you love it when you take a public vow to stay off social-networking sites and on day 2 of your great show of restraint you get the fantastic news that your book was listed on’s Editors’ Picks of the “Top 10 Children’s Books: Middle Readers” for 2009? That actually happened today. Really. Here’sContinue reading “Of Course This Happens the Week I Can’t Log in to Twitter or Facebook”

Nearing the End of My First Full Day without Twitter*

Just got home from a writing date with a fellow writer at a local café—fun! I hope we can keep doing that. It keeps me honest. Soon as I got home I would have tweeted this, but alas, I’ll have to blog it instead: Goal 1 during Twittercation was to finish this chapter I’ve beenContinue reading “Nearing the End of My First Full Day without Twitter*”

My First Twitterless Morning

What’s going on? I’m on Twitter Break Nov. 1-7. To hear my original confession and Twitter-free vow (and to join me if you feel you need to), see this daring announcement. And check out Suz’s post. As she says: Would you like to join this Twittercation? Do it! You can! I know you’re strong enough.Continue reading “My First Twitterless Morning”