2009 Knocked Me Off My Feet, Can’t Wait for 2010

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! I’m excited because tomorrow is the day I *might* finish the first draft of my novel (maybe), or I might come *very* close, and I still feel good about where I’m at, even if I’m a little behind schedule. And, even better, since we abstained from celebrating Christmas this year,Continue reading “2009 Knocked Me Off My Feet, Can’t Wait for 2010”

End of a Decade and Some Time Travel

People, we just went through a whole DECADE. Well, we’re about to. A new decade is less than two weeks away. I am THRILLED to tell you that I found some “diary” entries saved from an old computer from the year 2000. In the year 2000, I was still an MFA student at Columbia hereContinue reading “End of a Decade and Some Time Travel”

Can I Do It?

I’m at that stage. The one where you’re all up in your own face, shoving yourself against walls to get the truth out, shouting, Think you can do it? Really? Really, can you do it? SHOW ME. Or maybe I am the only writer who shoves herself up against walls as some kind of masochisticContinue reading “Can I Do It?”

First Draft Rewards

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, here and elsewhere, things I’m upset about or stressed over that I won’t go into, but I’m trying so hard to keep the troubles at bay while I finish up this manuscript—which will magically transform itself into a completed first draft by end of thisContinue reading “First Draft Rewards”

What I Resolved for 2009 and How It Didn’t Come True

I find this amusing. Here’s what I wrote on December 31, 2008, revealing what my “resolutions” would be for the year 2009: I was going to make a list. You know, do it up right. Use bullet points. Set target dates. I was going to set out viable, approachable writing goals for myself. No goalsContinue reading “What I Resolved for 2009 and How It Didn’t Come True”

Agent Appreciation Day!

I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled angsting and deadline-driven antisocial behavior to join in Agent Appreciation Day and say a public thank-you to the person who’s making my dreams come true! About seven-and-a-half months ago I found an agent. That whirlwind day was captured in this breathless blog post where I wasContinue reading “Agent Appreciation Day!”

Tunnels, Novels, and Pajamas

Right now, my novel looks like this: I know, soon, there will be that exciting moment where my middle connects with my end, and the light floods in, and I’ll be able to see my feet before my face, and I’m itching for that because I can barely see a thing now. Are we thereContinue reading “Tunnels, Novels, and Pajamas”

The Big What If?

It’s important to not ever forget how hard this writing-and-publishing thing is. My struggles right now on this cool December morning may feel frustrating: I’m writing the big climactic sequence in Act III of my novel and it’s dark in here and I can’t see my own hand before my face and sometimes I feelContinue reading “The Big What If?”