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Semi-Coherent Status Update

I underestimated my love of diversions and misdirections, so much so that I’ve come to realize I have to eliminate more of them. Twitter and Facebook aren’t enough. Soon I’ll have to padlock myself to a wheelie chair while wearing blinders and earplugs in a windowless room with only a blank screen and a keyboard for company. To reach me you’ll have to tap out e-mails in Morse code from the other side of the wall.

In other words, the writing is going really well, thank you. At least, I think it is. It’s hard to tell with these blinders on.

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6 responses to “Semi-Coherent Status Update”

  1. dit dot, ditditdotdot, dit, dot…. I mean, glad to hear that. Or, possibly, I just said, “eat more cookies” or “those mittens look cute on you.” But you get the main idea: you’re on a roll and that’s terrific!

  2. Wow. I wish I had your fortitude. I couldn’t even make it a whole week when I attempted to stay away from Twitter and Facebook last month. I am weak in the face of electronic distractions. Still, I did manage to finish NaNoWriMo and have commenced NaNoCoMo – national novel completion month. Gotta finish before the end of the year! If I might borrow some of your steely resolve, that’d just be awesome.

  3. Okay, that’s it. I’m in from 7th December to 7th January. I might even go for complete break, apart from commitments to my group blog (Deadline Dames). But I’m seriously thinking of one full month of no twitter, facebook, reading blogs, posting to LJ, Goodreads…

    I could just keep up with email, Deadline Dames & possibly Verla’s. I really do need to focus on my revisions & the story I have due.

    *bites nails* Watch this space! 😉

  4. Thanks, all. It’s funny. Life without social-networking leaves you alone with just your own thoughts. And that’s not always the best of things!

    I am getting a lot of writing done though.

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