Agent Appreciation Day!

I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled angsting and deadline-driven antisocial behavior to join in Agent Appreciation Day and say a public thank-you to the person who’s making my dreams come true!

About seven-and-a-half months ago I found an agent. That whirlwind day was captured in this breathless blog post where I was initially so in shock over what happened that I was afraid to even type his name… for fear he’d take it back or something.

The agent in question? The awesome Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Since May 1, the day I like to say I “picked” Michael, he put me to work writing more pages for my manuscript, made me revise my synopsis multiple times, and got me to push myself till it was in fighting shape. Then, when it was ready, he went off and—in a whole new whirlwind you wouldn’t believe if I told you—sold my novel based on four chapters… at an auction… to my dream publisher… in a two-book deal, which almost made me faint in shock. Looking back, I’m surprised that I stayed conscious. And all of that is the reason I’m working like crazy right now and I’ve sworn off* social networking till the New Year—because my deadline is fast approaching and I don’t want to let my agent or my new publisher down!

Here are five reasons why I love my agent:

1. He saw something in me I couldn’t see in myself. And his belief in me makes me work harder than ever to prove it true.

2. He “gets” me and he “gets” my novel. He also knows exactly how to handle the sensitive writer type because, Hi, I am Exhibit A.

3. He has vision and he thinks ahead—with my career, with new technologies, with the publishing industry… I feel well-prepared to face the future with him on my side.

4. He is a fighter. And he’s proven this time and again.

5. He makes me feel important. He’s always approachable, he speedily answers every inane question I have, and I know he’s there when I need him.

I have to add another reason, because:

6. Oh and yeah, there’s that little part I should mention about how he’s making my dreams come true. Seriously, who does that? Oh I know: Michael Bourret.

I know I got lucky, and reading all these other Agent Appreciation Day posts makes me see that so many other writers did too! The agent’s job is something I didn’t fully understand before I had one (and I even assisted in a literary agency once). Maybe it’s so hard to explain because a good agent can do so much for you. Michael Bourret is one of the good ones. I hope he knows he’s appreciated!

For a list of all the authors appreciating their agents today, see Lisa and Laura’s blog post. And props to Kody Keplinger for coming up with this great idea!


* Haha. Breaking my own rules to tweet this post.


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