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The Novel Isn’t Done Yet

Can’t talk, the first draft of the novel isn’t done yet. All I need is it written to the end so I can print it out and do surgery. I said it would be ready December 1; failed. I said it would be ready December 16; failed. I know it’s a holiday for some, but I’m sorry if I’m not festive, I’m not done yet.

My discovery of the letters I wrote to myself in the year 2000 is having great impact on me as I write the end of the novel. It’s like finding a time capsule—forgetting you buried it and then stumbling over it. My big plans for life are in there: some met, some dropped, some still to come.

Finishing the first draft of this novel before the end of the Aughts is all I ask.

Can’t explain why it feels so important, no time; the novel isn’t done yet.

Does anyone else have a MAJOR LIFE GOAL to achieve by this end of this decade?

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4 responses to “The Novel Isn’t Done Yet”

  1. Is it braggy to say I accomplished them both? Got married, sold novel. It’s been a big year.

    I believe in u! Also, dying of anticipation re: ur book. You can do it!

    • Not braggy! I am SO HAPPY for you! And I am loving the “Harlan” added to your name here! Must email… I need to congratulate you for the book sale in person!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I have some big goals for this year. I have decided that 2010 is officially The Fyooochur ™ and that I should acknowledge that by setting a lofty goal. Actually, there are two but I feel really vulnerable talking about them on someone else’s blog.

    If even one of these goals goes even halfway well, I might be encouraged to make enough for the whole decade. 🙂

  3. I am so there, alongside you. My major life goal has been to finish (and publish) my novel. Next time we meet in NYC, we’re having CAKE to celebrate, my friend. 🙂

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