Why I Don’t Talk

The lovely Laura Lutz recently asked a question on Facebook that I couldn't help piping in to answer: Do authors like it or not when you ask them, "What are you working on now?" Me? I'm one of those who do *not* like it. Nothing against the asker, but it's just not something I want … Continue reading Why I Don’t Talk

The Fear

It's a funny occupation to go after, writer. You live in your own head so much of the time it's virtually impossible to know how you come across to others. I barely see myself most days, if you want the truth. Sometimes I'll walk past a mirror and stop and go, That's what you wore … Continue reading The Fear


Wrote it. Rewrote it. And now took the plunge and printed it. Next up: More work on it before the official due date to the publisher (February 1st). But also? The next book! How soon is too soon to dive in?