Why I Write YA

In two weeks I’ll be turning my (first-ever!) YA novel in to the publisher… I can’t even tell you how nervous I am. Also excited! So excited! I can’t stand how much I love this book, and much of that is because I loved writing it. It’s also about sisters and I absolutely adore myContinue reading “Why I Write YA”

The End Has No End?

I’m working up some plot changes and new developments to the novel before I turn it in Feb. 1—nothing too drastic, just stuff I wholeheartedly think will make the thing better. I just called it the “thing”—I worked too long and hard to call what I’ve done a thing. But what is it? In noContinue reading “The End Has No End?”

The True Story of My Imaginary Manuscript

I was too tired—flattened, exhausted, completely drained—to tell you the details before, but, yes, I did complete the first draft of IMAGINARY GIRLS, my first YA novel. I did it on Thursday night. There were points when I thought I’d never get it into shape, and there were points when I felt so close toContinue reading “The True Story of My Imaginary Manuscript”

How I Sorta Finished My Novel and Other Semi Accomplishments

I wrote to the end of my book yesterday afternoon. Technically, if you were being generous, you could say I finished my first draft on the final day of 2009, as I was really really hoping I would. I admit I celebrated as if I had, but in reality the final chapter is rough andContinue reading “How I Sorta Finished My Novel and Other Semi Accomplishments”