It’s Official

The last chapter has been line-edited and can now be called done*. It’s official: I’ve written a book.

I’ve also just realized the book needs work. Like work-work. W O R K.

So now that’s official too: I haven’t written a good enough book yet.

I sort of want to cry at the fact that it doesn’t come out perfect at the get-go. I mean, hello! Can’t my fingers control what they’re typing??? Anyway, tomorrow’s a new day. It’s time to turn on those track changes, hack up the novel to pieces, and see how I can get it into shape. Wish me luck. Please.

Btw, I’m so over my target word count it’s like I threw an extra novella in there for fun or something.

*Excluding the final sentence of that final chapter. For now I think it says BLAH BLAH BLAH END SOMEHOW. Remind me to fix that before any important publishing people read it!

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