Snowy Night Before Reading

I’ll be reading at the Barnes & Noble in Kingston, New York, at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, February 27. I’m writing this from down in the city and I’ll be traveling up in the morning… but I will be there. Though the snowpocalpyse has put a damper on my travel plans and will surely keepContinue reading “Snowy Night Before Reading”

The Day You’re Older

I’m older today. That’s right, the dreaded birthday has arrived. I was recently at a tax appointment with my first grown-up accountant (not that I used children to do my taxes before, only that this is the first time I am being a grown-up and using a pro accountant to do my taxes) and asContinue reading “The Day You’re Older”

The Wonky, Bleary, Staticky Aftereffects of Novel Completion

I have not been all here, ever since finishing my novel and turning it in earlier this month. I thought I would be. I thought the day after I hit Send would be this great, calm day where all the rest of life would fall completely into place. That I’d have a real handle onContinue reading “The Wonky, Bleary, Staticky Aftereffects of Novel Completion”

Not-Writing Till I Burst

I haven’t been writing. I haven’t chosen the two books I’ll be working on this year yet—but I will say that one dire, shining possibility is staring me in the face now, and my agent has met this possibility, and he made me happy (don’t be coy: thrilled) by liking it too, and if IContinue reading “Not-Writing Till I Burst”

The Day After I Hit SEND

Imaginary Girls is with my editor as of last night. Yes. I am done. I AM DONE! (Well, until it’s time for revisions… heh.) What a week. Last week at this time you would have found me staring at the pages of the novel, wary of how I’d ever finish editing and revising it inContinue reading “The Day After I Hit SEND”