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Reading Out Loud in Front of People and, for This, I Think I Need New Shoes

Where I’ll be next Saturday, February 27:

At a Barnes & Noble.

In Kingston, New York, minutes from where I grew up.

Reading pages from DANI NOIR…

(Likely an abridged version of chapter one, though I might surprise you.)

at 2 p.m.

There will be a Q&A after and then I’ll sign books.

Don’t you agree I need new shoes for this event? Blue ones or red ones or violet ones? Don’t you think that—even if no one sees my shoes while I’m reading—that I should be wearing new shoes?

Or new socks? At least new socks?

If you’ll be in or around the Hudson Valley on Saturday, Feb, 27, I hope to see you there!


9 responses to “Reading Out Loud in Front of People and, for This, I Think I Need New Shoes”

  1. Definitely new shoes or socks. I recommend SmartWool cushioned socks – hug your feet better than ANYTHING, and come in fun multicolored stripes. It’s still winter in New York, isn’t it?

    • Thanks, Debbie. You’re right, it’ll probably be freezing upstate on Feb. 27, so I guess I should keep that in mind!

  2. I wish I could be there! And go with new , violet shoes. One can never go wrong with new shoes, especially if they’re violet.

  3. I’m thinking red shoes, with blacka nd white striped socks. Good luck with the reading Nova – bet you rock it!

    Please could you do a reading in NYC between 10th and 15th March? If so, I’ll be there! With bells on.

    • I used to have red shoes that I’d wear with black and white striped socks, but I have the shoes no longer (though I still have the socks)… how well you know me!

      Also, does this mean you’ll be in NYC next month? Because I will be here too. I hope I get to meet you so I can congratulate you on your book deal in person!

      • It’s such a good combo! I love stripey socks – they make every day just that little bit better.

        It’d be awesome to meet you – I’d be well up for that!

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