When You’re Desperate for Something, Anything to Happen…

…sometimes you turn your entire blog turquoise. Sorry about that! I’m sort of into it right now, so I’ll leave it be. But I lost the gorgeous header E made for me and I’m mourning it.

I’ve had to put aside the blog post all about writers colonies until Monday—I’m just focusing on a freelance project right now and need to complete it!

On my mind, in no particular order:

  • I feel like I’m waiting for some BIG THING, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s only the fact that I need to be writing and the big things will follow from that?
  • I am working on two books right now, but I won’t tell you what they are, except to say that neither one is a sequel to DANI NOIR.
  • Happy birthday to Yojo, one of the most talented writers I know.
  • I may have frightened the guy at the coffeeshop today when he told me the machines were down and they couldn’t make espresso drinks this morning. The horror on my face. I would not have wanted to witness it.
  • I met the author Cat Clarke—whose debut YA novel ENTANGLED comes out in the U.K. in January—and I adore her and wish she lived here in New York. Can’t wait to read her book. And see? Sometimes it is perfectly safe, and totally fun, to meet people off the internet! (Disclaimer: Kids, I don’t mean you.)

ETA: Accidental activation of the turquoise theme fixed!

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15 responses to “When You’re Desperate for Something, Anything to Happen…”

  1. I like the turqoise–once it loaded. Before that I had one horrible moment thinking I’d be trying to read your white text against a black background.

    Relax, something fun and exciting will happen soon. ^^


    • Ick. That would have sucked (the white text on black). I’ll change the theme back later; all the widgets are messed up now and I’m just too lazy / busy with this freelance project to deal with it. Anyway, who reads blogs on the actual blog? I don’t. I use Google Reader.

      And thanks about something happening soon 🙂


  2. But, but, but…does this mean my magically-appearing wind-up heartbreak icon will be missing? I am almost afraid to click submit & find out!

    Also, I would like to put forth the theory that the BIG THING you are waiting for is the fun dinner you have upcoming with me. We will paint the town, uh, turquoise? Joking aside, I think that if you’re deep in the heart of writing, you couldn’t possibly be feeling any better emotion. “Waiting for something to happen” is kinda the definition of being a tween/teen, right?


    • I am happy to say that your little monster emoticon is back on! It’s my favorite one of all.

      I am most definitely looking forward to our big dinner! And you know, your point about that endless sense of anticipation for “real life” to begin? Oh, yes, that’s just how I felt when I was younger. My characters might be seeping into me again…



  3. Meh. I hate waiting. My biggest problem comes when I’m waiting for something to happen and I forget to take advantage of each day (sorry for almost dropping the Carpe Diem bomb…) Many times, I’ll be sitting and waiting for an e-mail (or whatever) and I end up doing nothing. Which, of course, makes the waiting worse.

    I heard somebody say once that Anticipation is better than getting whatever news you’re waiting for.

    I think that’s stupid.



  4. But it’s a very pretty turquoise! Loads really quickly too. Sorry you lost your header E made you.

    Don’t I know about waiting.. Sometimes good things happen during the waiting though, I can say. So.. there’s that!

    2 books? Yay!

    You need to get an espresso machine at home!


    • Bri, I do have an espresso machine at home (it’s E’s… but we share everything so…). Problem is, I don’t know how to use it! Also, our apartment is small and I bet foaming milk early in the morning would be pretty loud and wake him up…

      And, as you can see, I got the old template back so I could have the header back that E made me. The widgets were all unloaded and I had to put them back in, but they were there (I didn’t see them at first), so my initial panic was dealt with easier than expected. (Isn’t it always?)


  5. Cat is so lovely!! I met her for the first time at an event in London recently – so cool that you guys met. 🙂

    (Also, I am slightly jealous that she is in New York hob-nobbing with fabulous authors. *g*)


    • Well, I don’t know if we got to hob-nob… but we did get to meet and talk and I really do wish we lived in the same city!

      When YOU’RE in nyc, do let me know.


    • Oh, you guys! I’m blushing!

      I’m so lucky to have met you both IN PERSON, like real live people. I wish we all lived in the same city, preferably New York. Strand bookstore is my new favourite place in the universe. Nova- it was SO fantastic to meet you! I loved talking ‘shop’… You should come to London soon so you me and Kaz can hang out.


        • Oh, I want us all to hang out! Nova, I’d love to meet you – you are one of my heroines. For real. 🙂

          And Cat, I LOVED your post about Strand bookstore in NYC. GAH!! So envious… I have to go there. I have to!


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