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Another Reason Why You Want a (Good) Agent

I know I’m sort of a poster child for getting my first book deal without an agent, and I know I’ve talked before about why I’m so grateful to have an agent now, but I wanted to point out one more reason why getting an agent, a good agent, can help you in more ways than you initially realize: a good agent can save you from yourself.

I know I need a lot of self-saving!

So, just in case you haven’t seen this on Twitter or elsewhere, check out this post, “Think Before You Kvetch,” on the DGLM agency blog.

Full disclosure: Yes, that’s my agent talking. Yes, he’s very smart and I trust his advice here.

Publishing a book is a complicated, emotional, confusing process that is probably never exactly what you expect it to be. I really believe that following the advice in that post can only make it better.

5 responses to “Another Reason Why You Want a (Good) Agent”

    • Ginny, It’s not as exciting as it may sound, I swear. I was able to get a deal on my own without an agent first mainly due to my connections ghostwriting and doing work-for-hire projects. But I can tell you that, even with the experience of making it happen by myself and getting a lucky break from an editor, I think an agent is invaluable. I’m so happy with mine, can you tell?

      So, from experience and to anyone listening, query agents first! I know how hard it can be to get an agent, especially if you are as impatient as I am, but it’s worth it. I actually think it’s essential. Especially now, with all the constant changes in the publishing industry.

  1. This was a great post by your agent and YES!! My agent serves as my buffer when difficulties arise. She talks me down from the trees so that when I speak to my editor/publicist I sound calm, controlled and professional, instead of hormonal and ranting. Luckily, my editor is smart and easy to work with so “difficulties” rarely arise … but when they do I know I have a pro who can give me a reality check and put things in perspective for me.

    • Talking you down from trees! Love that. Before I had an agent I had no idea how much I needed one. I spent many years up in trees, afraid to come down. It’s nice to be down on the ground now.

      Maria, I’m so happy that you have the perfect agent for you.

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