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The Novel Got Me

Oh, man.

In just the past week or so I’ve missed so much.

I missed the Teen Author Festival including tons of amazing events and readings! I missed your beautiful blog posts! I missed elephants (well, I will tonight)! I’m sure I missed a lot of other stuff I don’t even know about because I was over here missing it!

But here’s my excuse—and this excuse goes for all the emails I owe (!) and the manuscripts emailed to me that I haven’t commented on, and some other things I meant to do and haven’t been able to do yet and may not get to before I leave

My excuse is this: The novel got me.

It happened last week. Slowly I felt it crawling up my legs, wrapping itself around my waist, clasping me tighter. But there was a day—was it Thursday? it’s all still a blur—where it stuck its fangs in and I went numb to it and let it do with me what it wanted. It’s had me all day today and I’ll let it keep it up tomorrow while I tweak some pages and take a look around, see what I’ve got.

I want to finish a good chunk of this book before I leave April 5.

Back to the novel. It hasn’t let go just yet.

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6 responses to “The Novel Got Me”

  1. Congrats – I know the feeling, and it feels good. I keep hoping it will happen for my next book. I like the hook, but I’m not sure about the rest of it yet… Yet.

  2. The best part of writing – the novel that refuses to be left unwritten. Good luck with it!

  3. And here I for some reason thought you were gone already. Got all swept up in your preparatory blogs. Congrats on having The Moment. Many of the best seem to involve fangs, don’t they?

  4. Nova, was at the library last week when I saw, on the young adult display, a copy of Dani Noir prominently featured! omg. I went through my bag like I a madwoman, looking for my camera. I didn’t have it with me. Reading it now. And wondering what Rita Hayworth would have done 😉

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