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Writers Colony Week 3: Beginnings, Bathtubs, Visits, Mochas Revisited, Reading Pages Aloud, and Random Shit

Beginnings I’ve written two beginnings here. One was a beginning for a book I’d already started, but I backed up and started anew here, so all the words found in that new opening are words I found here. The second of the two beginnings I’ve written here is for an entirely other book. I had … Continue reading

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Writers Colony Week 2: More Books, Libraries, Private Property, Why, Real Life, Pages, and Stairways

More Books It’s been a long time since I’ve read like I’ve been reading here at the writers colony. I’ve been reading quickly, and in bits, usually midday while I take a break for lunch, and sometimes around midnight to get myself sleepy enough to close my eyes and drift off. I never read so … Continue reading