Danger: Writer in Supermarket

I'm deep into revisions for my novel IMAGINARY GIRLS (don't hold me to the title) and I am apparently a danger to myself and those around me. I wandered the supermarket aisle of my local Gristedes last night in search of tomato sauce and bread, juggling baby tomatoes and blueberries, both of which were not … Continue reading Danger: Writer in Supermarket

Without Distractions… I Discover More Distractions

So I'm working. Lots of work. Work all month, work next month. Deadlines, freelance. Deadlines, writing—but those are the fun ones. Life though, it piles up. Woke this morning to THE FEAR. We know each other well, THE FEAR and I, but we're not friends. The lack of a Twitter stream does help me, but … Continue reading Without Distractions… I Discover More Distractions

If You Go Dark

If you go dark... If you slip quietly off Twitter... Change your password on Facebook... Unsubscribe from industry blogs and only read the blogs that inspire... Ignore all stories of book deals... Ignore comparisons to other writers who you aren't... If you go dark, what happens? Does your writing get better for it? Can you … Continue reading If You Go Dark

Touching Ground

I've been home a week now. I've come back to responsibilities, and obligations, and stress, and static, and more static, and rejections, two of them, neither of which made me cry, but still: I'm disappointed. There hasn't been good news in a while, it seems. I know I'm exaggerating, but sometimes the emotions take over … Continue reading Touching Ground

Bid on a signed DANI NOIR & help support flood relief in Nashville

In response to the flooding in Nashville, three Nashville writers—Victoria Schwab, Amanda Morgan, and Myra McEntire—banded together to create "Do the Write Thing for Nashville," a way to raise money for flood relief in Nashville by auctioning off critiques and more from your favorite authors, agents, and editors. It's only day 2 of the auction … Continue reading Bid on a signed DANI NOIR & help support flood relief in Nashville