Danger: Writer in Supermarket

I’m deep into revisions for my novel IMAGINARY GIRLS (don’t hold me to the title) and I am apparently a danger to myself and those around me. I wandered the supermarket aisle of my local Gristedes last night in search of tomato sauce and bread, juggling baby tomatoes and blueberries, both of which were notContinue reading “Danger: Writer in Supermarket”

Without Distractions… I Discover More Distractions

So I’m working. Lots of work. Work all month, work next month. Deadlines, freelance. Deadlines, writing—but those are the fun ones. Life though, it piles up. Woke this morning to THE FEAR. We know each other well, THE FEAR and I, but we’re not friends. The lack of a Twitter stream does help me, butContinue reading “Without Distractions… I Discover More Distractions”

Weekend Inspirations

Here are some things inspiring me this weekend: Tayari Jones always has a great honesty when it comes to writing and publishing that I tend to drink up from her blog. This post, “Tough Love from Tayari,” speaks to those insecurities that flutter in your gut and must be smashed for you to write theContinue reading “Weekend Inspirations”

Making Way for Something Amazing

As you may have seen hinted at in my romantic post all about “going dark” and thus learning the secret to becoming a writing genius (um, haha), I’m flirting with the idea of becoming a whole new person. Maybe. Just for the summer. Yes, I know part of being an author is learning graceful andContinue reading “Making Way for Something Amazing”

Novel Confessions

Has anyone else had one of those catastrophic, apocalyptic dreams (mine, frighteningly, involved a city destroyed) and in the dream, during the panic, you’re running to safety and have no idea how you’ll stay alive or how you’ll get out and you think… you actually really think: Damn. The world’s ending and now my bookContinue reading “Novel Confessions”

Where Authors Live on Clouds and Sip Pomegranate Cocktails

There was something I found comforting when I was feeling intimidated at Yaddo and, for that matter, the Writers Room where I go to write now that I’m home again: Every day, no matter who you are and how many brilliant books you’ve given the world, you and I, we both begin at the sameContinue reading “Where Authors Live on Clouds and Sip Pomegranate Cocktails”

Bid on a signed DANI NOIR & help support flood relief in Nashville

In response to the flooding in Nashville, three Nashville writers—Victoria Schwab, Amanda Morgan, and Myra McEntire—banded together to create “Do the Write Thing for Nashville,” a way to raise money for flood relief in Nashville by auctioning off critiques and more from your favorite authors, agents, and editors. It’s only day 2 of the auctionContinue reading “Bid on a signed DANI NOIR & help support flood relief in Nashville”