Novel Confessions

Has anyone else had one of those catastrophic, apocalyptic dreams (mine, frighteningly, involved a city destroyed) and in the dream, during the panic, you’re running to safety and have no idea how you’ll stay alive or how you’ll get out and you think… you actually really think: Damn. The world’s ending and now my book will never be published.

Oh, yes. Welcome to the dream I had this morning. I hang my head in shame.

So right now there are three novels in various stages of undress that are flitting in and out of my life. My oldest and dearest is needing a lot of attention now, and I’m falling in love with her all over again, so she shouldn’t worry.

Another one is on hold, but she keeps pounding on my windows to be let back in and I’m going to have to unlock the fire escape sometime.

And the last is begging me to finish her synopsis. WHAT HAPPENS TO ME NEXT? she whines. Then she kicks my shins. She’s mad I spent all weekend finishing up a freelance project.

These three novels don’t want to become like the two I’ve buried in boxes under the floorboards, and who could blame them?

If you’ve had any good novel nightmares lately, do share.

I met some very inspiring people last month and one of them has a website called This Is Dreaming Also. I’ve been told to visit it at nighttime…

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2 responses to “Novel Confessions”

  1. Ha… never had a book nightmare. I usually dream about being in high school/college and realizing – holy crap! – I’ve forgotten to go to math/science/english/whatever class all damn semester.

    This probably means something important, but I’m not going to look it up.

    Okay, back to YOUR post now. I did have a manic flash of anxiety a few weeks before I went out on submission (and about 10 since, but whatever.) I was getting into the car and this popped into my head: What if I die in a car accident and I never can sell my book… Would Michael sell it as a tribute to me? Oh, shit… what if some lame-ass dude did the revisions and then I’m remembered in history as some, well, lame-ass dude…”

    Seriously. Why do we write again?


  2. I have the following nightmares:
    1) that I lose both my hands, and thus can no longer type or write.
    2) that my novel is lost to fire/water/a large magnet hovering over my hard drive and backup drive
    3) that i am in front of a tribunal that lambasts my novel, and then me, as a writer

    (in addition to usual nightmares about missing a final or not going to class all semester)… 😉


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