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Danger: Writer in Supermarket

Danger: Writer in Supermarket

I’m deep into revisions for my novel IMAGINARY GIRLS (don’t hold me to the title) and I am apparently a danger to myself and those around me. I wandered the supermarket aisle of my local Gristedes last night in search of tomato sauce and bread, juggling baby tomatoes and blueberries, both of which were not on the list, lost in thought while I reworked a scene inside my own head, almost knocking over a display of discount granola. I wandered toward the line and dropped all my stuff on the conveyor belt and it wasn’t until I’d turned around that I realized I’d cut the line. I apologized and the guy behind me kindly said I shouldn’t worry, it’s not like he was standing back there hating me. Thank you, I said. I paid, shuffled the stuff between a canvas bag and a plastic one when not everything could fit in the canvas, got told by the cashier to hit OK, again because I didn’t hear her hit OK, so I hit OK, and left, completely forgetting to sign and digging around in the bags at every street corner wondering if I paid at all and did they give me a receipt? Then I almost got hit by a cab in the street.

Writing is dangerous. I think this novel is going to be even better than before, if that’s any consolation.

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10 responses to “Danger: Writer in Supermarket”

  1. I WILL hold you to that title, darn it! (Hold the sales team-slash-peanut gallery to it, that is.)

    Take care of yourself!!!

    • I hope it means things are happening! I don’t mind a little accident, if it makes the revision better. 😉

  2. ha! great story, to which i can most definitely relate.

    also, shopping at gristedes will put anyone into a state of shock.

    but watch out for those cabs, nova. and ” the guy behind me kindly said I shouldn’t worry, it’s not like he was standing back there hating me.”

    you say you live in new york, correct?

    • You know… I bet the guy in line behind me WAS standing there hating me after I jumped ahead. It is New York, after all!

  3. I guess you have to find a distraction to distract you from all of the distractions… (ahh, if only that made any sense) 😉

    • I know just what you mean: Distracting myself by distracting myself with other distractions is one of my greatest talents!

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