In Which I’m Perpetually 12 Going on 13

I get excited when writers I know decide to try their hand at writing middle-grade fiction. I know a few who are just beginning their first middle-grade novels (tween? the label escapes me, so I tend to use it interchangeably depending on my mood), and I’m thrilled to have more writer friends to talk toContinue reading “In Which I’m Perpetually 12 Going on 13”

Guest-Blogging About Dads, Writing What’s Difficult, and Dani Noir

Today you’ll find me guest-blogging at the Debutante Ball on a topic that’s difficult for me to write: Fathers. I talk about this struggle—and how it comes through in Dani Noir. Go check out the post, and while you’re there, let me know how you tackle the what’s difficult in your writing. Thanks to theContinue reading “Guest-Blogging About Dads, Writing What’s Difficult, and Dani Noir”

Revision Gratitude

Revision is not easy. No one ever said it was. I’m revising a novel right now, and I have high hopes. My edit letter has brought out a fire in me. Ideas are swirling. I see so much possibility for the book… But it’s hard work. I have such high hopes and such enormous intentionsContinue reading “Revision Gratitude”

Trying to Stay Off Twitter and Facebook Is a Losing Battle

I wanted to spend the summer off Facebook and Twitter entirely. I made a vow to myself, I made it public, I wished it true, but alas, I keep logging in and aaaargh! Why it’s difficult: Some people communicate solely through Facebook messages, status comments, and Twitter DMs! Some people do not email you whenContinue reading “Trying to Stay Off Twitter and Facebook Is a Losing Battle”

Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos

My novel and I had a very nice weekend, mostly. We worked through some plot changes together, I told her she was pretty, she revealed she still has feelings for me, and then just when I thought we were rolling she slipped out of my hands and ran off screaming and hollering through the roomContinue reading “Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos”

Arrogance vs. Insecurity vs. How About a Smidge of Confidence?

I once wrote here about how I could use a confidence hat to put on while writing, and I’m afraid to find myself longing for such an easy fix again. The thing is, humility is good. Arrogant writers are not people I enjoy; I never want to be one, no matter how sure of myselfContinue reading “Arrogance vs. Insecurity vs. How About a Smidge of Confidence?”

While I’ve Been Writing…

I’ve just emerged from a self-imposed push to finish a new project on top of my novel revision on top of a big freelance deadline and I was here pushing myself so hard that, last night, I went to bed complaining my “bones hurt.” But I did it. I reached the freelance deadline, I finishedContinue reading “While I’ve Been Writing…”

When the Novel Gets Close But You Don’t Want to Leave the Igloo

I’ve got this novel that wants to be ready. This novel that’s close to show. I’ve spent much of the weekend on it—to the detriment of my unread and unanswered email inbox and putting away the clean laundry and only doing four hours a day of freelance instead of eight, which is really going toContinue reading “When the Novel Gets Close But You Don’t Want to Leave the Igloo”

After You Disappear from the Party

Sometimes I cheat and log in to Facebook, like to wish my mom a happy birthday. I’ve got this blog automated to tweet my posts… so it might sometimes seem like I’m on Twitter, though I’m not. I’ve realized that, when you take the plunge and unplug a few distracting lamps in your life, veryContinue reading “After You Disappear from the Party”