Where I Write, Revealed on the Huffington Post

Do you ever wonder where writers write? Kitchen table, comfy couch, noisy café, tidy office, mattress in the backyard under a beach umbrella? (I am now curious if I know any writers who write on a mattress in the backyard under a beach umbrella. If so, do reveal yourself!)

Well, the writer Allison K. Gibson recently asked me that very question and here you’ll find my answer posted today on the Huffington Post. Comment there and reveal where you write!

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7 responses to “Where I Write, Revealed on the Huffington Post”

  1. I’m totally on board with train-writing! I thought I was the only one. Maybe we could all band together and rent our own sleeper train to go back and forth cross-country!


        • Whether you were kidding or not, what a great idea… Seriously. Train trips are fairly inexpensive, and what a great way to force yourself to write – what else WOULD you be able to do? Of course, it would be really nice to end up someplace fun, too.

          How cool would it be to have a bunch of different authors train-write from their homes to, say, Chicago (for it’s central location) and then have a retreat in the city? Ah, to be rich and free of responsibility….


  2. Cool! I love reading about other writers’ workspaces, and I’m so glad you were featured! (This reminds me, I wish the Guardian would go back to their Writers’ Rooms feature: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/writersrooms )

    And of course, what Alexander said totally resonates: ‘I think anonymity and displacement help me no matter where I am–I need to feel like I’ve vanished and no one can find me.’ *sigh* Oh, Yaddo…


  3. Thank you, Nova, for letting me into your writing world for my article! I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. As for me, I write at the library, at home and in coffee shops (where I am way too easily distracted by people watching–I call it research).


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