Arrogance vs. Insecurity vs. How About a Smidge of Confidence?

I once wrote here about how I could use a confidence hat to put on while writing, and I’m afraid to find myself longing for such an easy fix again.

The thing is, humility is good. Arrogant writers are not people I enjoy; I never want to be one, no matter how sure of myself I might become. But the other thing is, there’s a way to be confident in your abilities and know you can do something and yet not think you’re the be-all end-all. Being confident doesn’t have to mean sitting around expecting everyone to tell you how awesome you are.

There is also a point where insecurity becomes not just annoying to the people who know you, it can turn into a real hindrance. It does not help you write your novel!

Therefore, I would like to not be insecure for the next six weeks.

A funny thing happened: I was at my laptop, working on a scene, and I had this little mallet of doubt knocking me on the skull every few seconds or so. I worried that I couldn’t do it, and I worried that this would go wrong and that would go wrong and all of it would fall apart, and make it stop, and yet the mallet kept clonking me on the skull and then…

A very important someone sent me an email at just the right moment, saying just the right thing, and—ta-da!—the mallet was gone and I felt loads better.

That was all it took.

I can’t be reliant on incoming emails for my self-worth though. (And I need to stop annoying my other half.) So no more insecure thoughts till August, okay?

Where do you find your confidence? It’s not from a hat, is it? Do tell.

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