I Failed

I failed.

I tweeted. I changed my Facebook status. I commented on my sister’s status. I tweeted again. I failed. I lose. No cake for me.

But I got no pleasure out of it.

I failed and it was completely anticlimactic.

What do I do now? How to keep focus?

I might have to institute Yaddo-inspired quiet hours.

I might have to do something drastic.

I won’t fail at this novel. I refuse.


15 responses to “I Failed”

    • Hey Nova,
      I’ve been thinking about Twitter quite a bit. I don’t like FB, so that’s no challenge, but I enjoy Twitter. This is what I decided…. Each day I have a to-do list or a revision goal or whatever. When I do what’s on it, then I can tweet for fifteen minutes or so. It’s something I enjoy. So why not? I mean, it’s not like I’m doing crack. I’ve made a lot of friends…like you. Don’t you think our lives are richer for knowing each other? Mine is.

      All things in moderation (except vegetarianism), baby! Be kind to yourself.

      love you,


      • Joëlle, my life _is_ richer. You are very right.

        Your self-control is enviable, and something I’d like to aspire to. I should be able to do this. It sounds so easy and possible when you say it!


  1. Nova, please don’t be so hard on yourself. I wrestle with this daily, too.

    You haven’t failed, you are just working out a system that works for YOU. Sometimes that takes a little bit longer than we might like.

    Seriously, you won’t fail at this novel. Quiet hours could be the answer. I’m going to try that, but not until the World Cup is over. I can’t concentrate when there’s so much good football to watch… 😉



  2. Why are you calling this a failure?! This is not a failure–it’s negotiating boundaries and reaching out for something your psyche said you needed: company and social support. You’re ok.


    • I like how adamant you are that I didn’t fail. I’ll try to zigzag back in the right, or a better, direction…


  3. Not a failure by any stretch. Everything in moderation, right?

    You will not fail your novel. It’s just not the way you’re built as a writer.


  4. You didn’t fail; you just distracted yourself for a few moments (probably to let your subconscious work on the novel). It’s like being on a diet. Sometimes you just need the piece of chocolate cake or an ice cream cone. Then the next day you get back to eating healthy. Try not to feel guilty about it.

    Then again, maybe going totally off of Twitter and Facebook just isn’t the right plan for you right now. Maybe you need a new plan. One that lets you check in with social networking once in a while while you work on your novel.


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