5 Years of Blogging My Writing Life

Five years ago today I started this blog, called “distraction no. 99” because I decided, oh so wisely, that I could use one more distraction in my life and that should be blogging. The day was July 31, 2005. Where was I in 2005? I was a few months back from my first-ever visit toContinue reading “5 Years of Blogging My Writing Life”

A More Honest Author Bio

I happened to see this post called “The Big Fat Lie of the Author Bio”—hysterical. Even though I have no golden retrievers, my own author bio might make me sound at least somewhat professional, and hopefully productive, but it really says nothing about me, does it? So let’s be honest here. Here’s a new bio:Continue reading “A More Honest Author Bio”

Special Break from Revising to Say: I SAW A COVER!

The world of publishing works in mysterious ways. Books need time to be marketed and sold well and one of the first steps toward this is finding the book’s perfect cover! (Exclamation point accidentally inserted due to excitement. Please excuse me.) Often the cover! is designed before the manuscript is even completed. (I can’t stopContinue reading “Special Break from Revising to Say: I SAW A COVER!”

Sorry for the Radio Silence…

…I’m revising. Getting closer! If I don’t say anything for the rest of the month, be assured I am alive, I’m just still revising. I’ll tell you all about it after. (Or I’ll keep my secrets secret and just hope you like the book next summer.) p.s. I may not have words for a blogContinue reading “Sorry for the Radio Silence…”

Getting Ahead of Myself and Other Novel Fantasies

I wrote up something about Imaginary Girls this weekend… and reading over the final version yesterday got me so intensely excited about this book! Just beyond thrilled! I’m just so— CATCH YOUR BREATH AND FINISH YOUR REVISION. Sometimes I can’t help but leap ahead to Summer ’11. Sorry. I’ve never been this excited about aContinue reading “Getting Ahead of Myself and Other Novel Fantasies”

The Dream and the Hard Work

Revising. Making my plot race, my words sing. No matter how hard this is, there isn’t anything I’d rather be in life. A writer, I mean. I’ve become very one-note when it comes to my aspirations. It’s all I want. It’s all I want to do. I want things for other people, too. I wantContinue reading “The Dream and the Hard Work”