I tried to go dark for the whole summer. I failed. So I came back to Twitter and Facebook for the past week with a vengeance. But I have a month to finish my book, and this book is the most important thing I’ve ever written in my entire life and… here we are.

I’m back to drastic measures.

No Twitter. No Facebook. No BlueBoards. No obsessively reading Jezebel. No stalker sightings on Gawker. I may even have to ban blog-reading on my Google Reader. I may even have to keep my words for my novel and avoid blogging here. I may have to put up a tent under my desk at the Writers Room and camp out for the month, who knows!

It’s not that I don’t think I can make this deadline. I know I can. It’s that I want this to be the best writing I could do, my absolute best. I want to put my all into this book… and distractions ruin my all.

Could I finish the book while tweeting and Facebooking and blogging and putting up dancing smileys on the BlueBoards? Of course. But what happens if I focus all that energy? Some magic… maybe. I hope.

So I’m banned! See you in August, or when my book’s done, whichever comes first.

(I hope I follow my own rules this time. If you see me doing anything bad, please tell me to stop.)

How’s your writing going? I hope you’re having a great and productive summer!

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