5 Years of Blogging My Writing Life

Five years ago today I started this blog, called “distraction no. 99” because I decided, oh so wisely, that I could use one more distraction in my life and that should be blogging.

The day was July 31, 2005. Where was I in 2005? I was a few months back from my first-ever visit to a writers colony, feeling idealistic about revisions I’d just made to a manuscript. I was querying agents in adult fiction—again, after getting rejected with a first draft. I was working full-time, toiling away as a copy editor at a big publishing house. I was not happy. I needed an outlet. So I started this blog.

A lot has changed since July 31, 2005. That novel I was working on then? Dead. The agents I queried back then? None ended up saying the ultimate yes. Adult fiction? I write YA now and am thrilled I made the switch (I think, without knowing, I’d been trying to write YA all along). That publishing house where I toiled? I left that job for another job. But you’ll love this: that very publishing house is—no joke, the beauty of this makes me smile now—the house publishing my next novel. It’s a whole different imprint than the one I worked for, but it’s on the same floor as my old office! I’m not a copy editor at that publisher anymore; now I’m their author! That’s, quite literally, a dream come true.

I’m a lot happier since 2005. But, even so, I do still need an outlet. So I haven’t given up on this blog.

Now, if I had it more together, I would have done a whole thing about this five-year anniversary. I was going to do a giveaway, I swear. I was going to do something special. But I guess there’s at least a little irony in the fact that I started out this blog as a struggling writer wanting to have a book published and now here I am, working on a book that is going to be published… and I’m so busy with it I can’t even celebrate the blog that got me there!

I do think this blog had a lot to do with all this. It was therapeutic. It was cathartic. It connected me with some wonderful people I now know in real life. It helped me reach out and overcome my shyness and be a part of the world. It got me through.

For some of my favorite posts, see the favorites page.

And, coincidentally, when I look back in my archives I saw that five years ago today, I was working at my writing space—just like I am right now. I guess not so much has changed after all, huh? Here’s my first-ever post. I was afraid to talk too much about myself when I started this. Hmm. Well, that sure changed. 😉

Hey, blog. Happy 5 years.

(Featured “5” photo by Leo Reynolds, via Flickr)

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