Surreal Moments in Book Publishing

I realized this morning that I can’t fathom it. I can’t yet see my book as a book. I can’t imagine people—more than the handful who have—reading these pages. To be honest, the idea of people reading this book I’ve worked so hard on thrills me and scares me in equal measure. To put itContinue reading “Surreal Moments in Book Publishing”

Finding the End of a Novel: Should We Just Throw Our Characters Out the Window?

How do you know how to end your novel? Do you have the end in sight before even sitting down to write the beginning? Or do you find your way there by writing to it? Do all the scenes you write inform your end so you can’t end your story without putting down each sceneContinue reading “Finding the End of a Novel: Should We Just Throw Our Characters Out the Window?”

How to Crush the Blahs

How do I say this? I’ve been silent for a while because I haven’t had the words to talk about it… But truth is, I’ve been having a tough summer. There. I said it. Things are not all rosy and perfect after diving into writing full-time + wonderful new book deal. How is this possible?Continue reading “How to Crush the Blahs”

You Know I’m Writing When…

…when I eat like I’m eight years old. …when I drop and lose things (just yesterday, an important piece of paper, hope I find it). …when I put off cleaning the apartment. …when I have to cancel lunch plans so I can focus during prime writing hours. Some people understand that, and some don’t. TheContinue reading “You Know I’m Writing When…”

In Which the Past Comes Back to Haunt Me

Apologies for any confusion over the blog posts from long ago—from 2006 to be exact, a very difficult and dramatic year for me—suddenly making themselves known in your RSS reader if you happened to notice that this weekend. I have *not* been reeling from an awful rejection (which one of those posts seems to indicate)…Continue reading “In Which the Past Comes Back to Haunt Me”