In Which the Past Comes Back to Haunt Me

Apologies for any confusion over the blog posts from long ago—from 2006 to be exact, a very difficult and dramatic year for me—suddenly making themselves known in your RSS reader if you happened to notice that this weekend. I have *not* been reeling from an awful rejection (which one of those posts seems to indicate)… in fact I’m not even out on submission right now.

So, all this is to say: Please don’t worry! I am okay and whatever you may have read is done and gone and I lived through it. Maybe that’s interesting in itself. Those moments of rejection, those horrible points when you feel so low and don’t know if you’ll ever make it through? You can live through them. Turns out I did.

p.s. Thank you especially to my kind writing friend who sent me a worried email this morning, concerned after reading one of the old posts about rejection. She’s wonderful!

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