You Know I’m Writing When…

…when I eat like I’m eight years old.

…when I drop and lose things (just yesterday, an important piece of paper, hope I find it).

…when I put off cleaning the apartment.

…when I have to cancel lunch plans so I can focus during prime writing hours. Some people understand that, and some don’t. The ones who do understand happen to be editors or other writers. Interesting. 🙂

…when I don’t blog. Sorry! I’ll be back soon enough, but in the meantime here are a couple distractions:

L.K. Madigan has a great post on spaces where writers write. (You’ll find mine there, too!) Do you need a door?

Editor Molly O’Neill reveals why she is one of the most inspiring humans I know with her call to “Give Yourself Permission” as a part of the free online writing conference WriteOnCon. (WriteOnCon is going on right now, btw. It’s great! And everything’s saved in the archives so you can be a part of the conference whenever you want.)

I love writing. Even when it takes time. Back soon!


4 responses to “You Know I’m Writing When…”

  1. …when I don’t know what day, or hour (or sometimes month) it happens to be

    …when I have to stop and ask myself if I showered, or changed. (ewww!

    ….when I drive St.Matt bonkers listening to the same songs over and over b/c they just go with a scene I’m working on.

    I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!


  2. Interesting…I know I’m writing when the house gets CLEANER, because the clutter distracts me. But when I’m really on a roll, you won’t see me on Twitter or FB or elsewhere online, really.

    Go, you!


  3. let’s not forget…

    …i forgot to eat

    …i don’t notice the repetitive stress injury

    …a seductive woman whispers in my ear, “how about some sex, right now, bookfraud?”

    well, the last one never happens. but if it did and ignored it, then it would certainly be because i was busy writing.


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