You Know I’m Writing When…

…when I eat like I’m eight years old.

…when I drop and lose things (just yesterday, an important piece of paper, hope I find it).

…when I put off cleaning the apartment.

…when I have to cancel lunch plans so I can focus during prime writing hours. Some people understand that, and some don’t. The ones who do understand happen to be editors or other writers. Interesting. 🙂

…when I don’t blog. Sorry! I’ll be back soon enough, but in the meantime here are a couple distractions:

L.K. Madigan has a great post on spaces where writers write. (You’ll find mine there, too!) Do you need a door?

Editor Molly O’Neill reveals why she is one of the most inspiring humans I know with her call to “Give Yourself Permission” as a part of the free online writing conference WriteOnCon. (WriteOnCon is going on right now, btw. It’s great! And everything’s saved in the archives so you can be a part of the conference whenever you want.)

I love writing. Even when it takes time. Back soon!


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