What in the World Happened to the Writer of This Blog?

I will tell you: She was writing. Wow, was she writing. But she’s back now—I am, me—and this is what’s on my mind: The Lit Auction to help a writer fight cancer without health insurance is in its final wave—and you can still bid on manuscript critiques from YA author Nina LaCour (who wrote oneContinue reading “What in the World Happened to the Writer of This Blog?”

Literary Auction (+ Bid on a Manuscript Critique from Me)

While I’ve been away from this blog writing like mad (I’m going mad! But the novel’s benefiting!), my good friend Christine has organized a literary auction to benefit a dear writer friend of hers who’s battling cancer… without health insurance. The auction is raising money to help her pay her medical bills. I’ve been followingContinue reading “Literary Auction (+ Bid on a Manuscript Critique from Me)”

Strange Writerly Behavior… Don’t Stare

I’m at that point in writing when I want to cry or laugh at inopportune moments—while sitting calmly at my desk, while crossing the street, on line at the deli buying a yogurt. My notes to myself in my calendar involve much profanity and can’t be quoted here. I’m at that point where I turnContinue reading “Strange Writerly Behavior… Don’t Stare”