Literary Auction (+ Bid on a Manuscript Critique from Me)

While I’ve been away from this blog writing like mad (I’m going mad! But the novel’s benefiting!), my good friend Christine has organized a literary auction to benefit a dear writer friend of hers who’s battling cancer… without health insurance. The auction is raising money to help her pay her medical bills. I’ve been following the auction—and was brought to tears by this touching article on the LA Times blog about it—and all the exciting things on offer, including manuscript critiques from authors and signed books and poetry readings and the chance to have characters named after you in upcoming books, and I really wanted to be a part of it.

You can now bid on a manuscript critique by me—from today until September 16. As a freelancer and writer myself facing the impossibility of affording health insurance, my heart goes out to Jennifer Derilo and I hope she beats Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that this auction helps her do it.

For more about the auction and links to all the items on offer, please read this post on Christine’s blog.

And if you’d be interested in having me critique your YA or middle-grade manuscript, here’s a direct link for bidding on ebay. I look forward to reading the winner’s manuscript—and I’m honored to be one small part of this.

Please consider bidding and please help spread the word. Thank you so much!


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