Why I Find Myself So Inanely Frustrating Ugh

I wrote down an idea months ago when I was in the midst of revision. It was for a new novel, and I told myself to just get it down and take a look later. I revised. Revised again, and again. Did other things, got distracted, forgot. But now I’ve remembered. And I want toContinue reading “Why I Find Myself So Inanely Frustrating Ugh”

If you’re a book blogger who’d like to review IMAGINARY GIRLS…

Since I revealed the cover of Imaginary Girls, I’ve been getting even more interest in the book from bloggers who’d like to review it or do special features on their sites. Thank you! So much! I’ve put the note below up on my new Facebook page and on Goodreads, but if you happen upon myContinue reading “If you’re a book blogger who’d like to review IMAGINARY GIRLS…”

Like Me, Ask Me, Inspire Me

I’m busy doing a massive freelance project due the day I leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I surely should not be blogging at a time like this. What has gotten into me? Oh, if you know me at all, you know how easily distracted I am. I get the best writing done when I’mContinue reading “Like Me, Ask Me, Inspire Me”

Six Fateful Paragraphs

Wow, between here and Twitter and Facebook and the Blueboards, thank you for the responses to my new book cover and the story summary! I still get a bit breathless when I look at the cover. Speaking of what is now Imaginary Girls, do you ever wonder where your ideas come from? The smallest kernelContinue reading “Six Fateful Paragraphs”

Imaginary Girls COVER REVEAL!

For the longest time, I’ve been hinting that I saw a peek of the cover for my upcoming YA novel Imaginary Girls and that I was madly in love with it. I may have admitted to getting teary-eyed when the jacket image first arrived in my e-mail inbox, simply because it far exceeded my wildestContinue reading “Imaginary Girls COVER REVEAL!”

Writing for Hire… and for James Frey

I read this article about James Frey’s fiction factory with great interest, since he was recruiting writers from a room I could have been in, had this happened some years ago. For those who haven’t been following this story, James Frey is writing YA novels now. Well, he’s not exactly writing them. But he’s gettingContinue reading “Writing for Hire… and for James Frey”

Up in the Air

I’ve been hearing a lot of maybes lately. With a volunteer position I applied for, with residencies… I’m not surprised that I’m not getting unequivocal yeses, but I do like to know what’s happening, you know? For now, I look ahead at the year 2011 and have no worldly idea what to expect from it.Continue reading “Up in the Air”

The Month We’re All Writing Novels

I’m working on my novel now—yes, still—and, I have to say, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m at the tail end of this flu, and once my hellacious cough stops waking my neighbors and scaring small children, and once I don’t have to carry a box of tissues at my hip,Continue reading “The Month We’re All Writing Novels”