Up in the Air

I’ve been hearing a lot of maybes lately. With a volunteer position I applied for, with residencies… I’m not surprised that I’m not getting unequivocal yeses, but I do like to know what’s happening, you know? For now, I look ahead at the year 2011 and have no worldly idea what to expect from it. So much feels up in the air.

What will I be doing? Where will I be? How will I make ends meet? What “ends” will I be meeting?

I’ve also lost touch with so many friends. Now that my flu is finally over and I’m almost fully recovered, I’m looking back at all the time lost and things I let go.

I have a mega-urgent deadline on Monday, and then I’ll let myself take a breath and show a peek of what’s to come in 2011 (the Imaginary Girls jacket and book summary!), and then I’ll return to the synopsis I have almost ready for my next novel and try to catch up on everything I let slip these past couple months.

My sister gave me the above pendant of a steampunk-inspired hot-air balloon and it feels very symbolic at the moment. She knows me well.

I feel like I still have my toe on ground—but I’ll be taking off very soon.

5 responses to “Up in the Air”

  1. It’s an excellent pendant. I hope things return back down to Earth for you soon.

  2. Bri says:

    I got so very excited when I saw that my store had “PREORDER” next to IMAGINARY GIRLS on their website.

  3. […] the novel I’m writing now—and just how much I’d get done if a spot came through. I hinted at this before, but I was waitlisted at two separate colonies this winter/spring. Still, though, I […]

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