The Year I Revised My Novel Seven Times

This is the post where I look back on this past year and see what I accomplished. And why not? If you don’t acknowledge what you’ve done to yourself, who will? First, let’s see where I started. Here’s how I began 2010. On January 1, 2010, I officially finished the first full draft of ImaginaryContinue reading “The Year I Revised My Novel Seven Times”

The Race No One’s Running

I used to be in a race. With every writer I knew. With writers who had no idea who I even was. With you. With myself. I thought I was running toward something and that I had to get there, or else. And I thought how long it took actually determined my worth as aContinue reading “The Race No One’s Running”

Publishing Rites of Passage: Seeing Pages

Guess what? I think my book is really going to be a book. After all the hard work, harder than I’ve ever worked on a piece of writing in my entire life, so much of me poured into those pages (and I have to tell you I’m feeling happier about the novel than ever), IContinue reading “Publishing Rites of Passage: Seeing Pages”

What’s Behind the Dresser

I’m feeling different about myself lately, more confident, or at least accepting of where I am and what I am and what is. It’s nice. Deadline Monday and I’ll feel even better. Last night I had dinner with my very first workshop professor from my very first class at my MFA program years and yearsContinue reading “What’s Behind the Dresser”

Want to Know a Secret?

…I love being edited. (Caveat: By a good editor. Better yet, by the right editor.) I love going in deep and teasing the meaning out. I love discussing possibilities. I love facing hard truths, really I do, if it makes the book better. What I love is when someone knows your characters and your storyContinue reading “Want to Know a Secret?”