2010 in Blog Posts

I’ve already revealed what I spent all of this past year doing—revising my novel.



Yes, really.

But now—and I promise, this is the last you’ll hear of me until next year—to celebrate one more year of blogging, here are my most telling posts from 2010, one for each month, except when I break the rules for April:

January 2010

“Why I Write YA”: Why did I give up on wanting to write for adults? For me, the choice was easy. These YA novels say why. [more]

February 2010

“The Day You’re Older”: I want to remind myself how much things have changed. [more]

March 2010

“The Writing Part of Being a Writer”: It feels like I’m back to that point before I was published. The beginning. Where it starts and where it ends: with the writing. [more]

April 2010

Week 1 at the writers colony: I am not used to writing alone. [more]

Week 2 at the writers colony: Maybe it seemed like I was allowed to be here after all. [more]

Week 3 at the writers colony: The opening pages of Imaginary Girls were read in front of human beings for the first time ever in my life this week. [more]

Week 4 at the writers colony: It was magic. [more]

May 2010

“Where Authors Live on Clouds and Sip Pomegranate Cocktails”: Maybe real authors don’t wander supermarket aisles questioning their worth. [more]

June 2010

“Revision Gratitude”: My edit letter has brought out a fire in me. [more]

July 2010

“A More Honest Author Bio”: Let’s be honest here. [more]

August 2010

“Surreal Moments in Book Publishing”: This feels like the first book I’ve ever written. [more]

September 2010

This was a hard time. Hence: “Perspective”: Sometimes the world shifts, violently, and everything that seemed important sheds away to show what is. [more]

October 2010

“Stumbles”: I stumbled this month, in more ways than one. [more]

November 2010

But then! Then, THIS happened: “Imaginary Girls COVER REVEAL!”: Today is the day I show you the jacket image that made me cry. [more]

December 2010

And then guess what? I finished revising my novel! Proof found here: “Publishing Rites of Passage: Seeing Pages”: I pressed the buzzer and held it in so long I could have let a parade of Penguin employees into the building all up to my floor with balloons. [more]

That’s it. My 2010 in blog posts. I’m scrolling through my Google Reader now to read yours.

Happy 2011, everyone. Let this new year take us all one step closer to our dreams.


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