The First Yes of 2011

My first yes of 2011 came early this week.

I’d been hoping, quietly hoping, that I’d get a call from a writers colony telling me a space had opened up for me. I was well aware what an impossible feat this would be, but I also knew what a gift it would be for the novel I’m writing now—and just how much I’d get done if a spot came through.

I did get that phone call.

There was a space—but it starts next week! Way sooner than I expected.

But do you know what I did in the face of this surprise offer? I said yes back.

So if you’re wondering why I’m suddenly in a flurry of activity, running out for long underwear and rearranging appointments and plans, it’s because I’m heading to the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire (aka Heaven) until next month.

I don’t plan to go dark. I’ll still be checking email and being online, so hopefully you may not even notice I’m gone.

I am sad I’ll miss meeting some writer friends at the New York City SCBWI conference in a couple weeks… I wasn’t planning on going, but I was planning on being around. Now I won’t even be that.

Instead I’ll be off, tucked away in a little writer’s studio somewhere, working hard on my next novel, book #2 on my contract with Dutton. (So, in fact, another yes came this week! Because now I know what my next book will be!) This is the book that I wrote the very first pages of while in residence at Yaddo this past spring. Now I’ll be continuing it at MacDowell. Maybe I’ll finish it on the moon, who knows.

Something amazing also happened this morning, while I was writing this, but I think that deserves a whole new blog post!

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6 responses to “The First Yes of 2011”

  1. Congratulations! And you just gave me hope. I’m currently on a waiting list for a certain other residency (I won’t name it but let’s just say you’re familiar with this one also) and hadn’t even bothered to hope space would open up. But you never know.


    • Laura, I didn’t expect to hear either since I’ve already been there once, but I filed it away under “you never know”–and I feel so lucky it worked out again, because I am going to make such good use of that time, they have no idea. My fingers are crossed for you for the other place I love and won’t name 🙂


  2. Thanks so much, everyone! I have secured snow boots, so I am now fully prepared for the snowy campus. Really looking forward to it, actually.


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