Where I’m Hiding and What I’m Doing Here

In a surreal bit of perfect coincidence, the week after the ARCs (advance readers copies) of Imaginary Girls were released into the wild I had the opportunity to go into hiding.

Front door to the studio
I'm typing these words from behind this green door, many many hours away from New York City.

It helps with the nerves, hiding here. It helps me from being tempted to look at Goodreads—which I am trying to avoid this time around.

So it’s a wonderful and lucky thing that I am far, far away from my real life right now, with spotty internet access, Google Alerts gone dark, and no real sense of what people’s reactions to my book have been—if there have even been any reactions at all—though I admit I’ve seen a few things on Twitter that got me excited!

So I landed at the artists colony on Friday and here I am, nestled in the woods, in the most perfect writing studio I could imagine for myself, looking out the window into the snow, wondering if I have the skill and courage to build myself a fire in the fireplace (probably not, I’m afraid of fire), and I have one very, very important thing to do this first weekend here:

Finish reviewing the final-final-final pages of Imaginary Girls.

final pass pages
The final pages of IG and a glimpse of the woods out the window. The book is set in the Catskill Mountains, so I think it likes being here.

After this, the next time I see it, it will be a BOOK. I’m a writer and I can’t even think of a word to encompass how exciting this moment is!

I also have a whole new book to write. I’m typing up this post offline (no internet access in the studios, for the good of artistic creation) so I can’t look back at my blog archives to check, but did I tell you that book #2 got approved?

Book #2 on my contract got approved! (It was a two-book deal—the second book is not a sequel—so I had to submit pages and a synopsis and hope my editor said yes.) She said yes!


So, after I finish my last-ever read-through of IG, that’s what I’ll be working on here: continuing the first draft of my NEW BOOK!

A corner of my studio… I tacked up the pink squares to remind me of my editor's notes; all important things to think about when I'm writing the rest of the first draft… the piano is there for me to put my coat on (I don't know how to play!).

Not pictured: the bed in my studio. I am not going to nap on it today, I am not! This is what needs my focus:

The desk in my studio on my very first afternoon; that wall there has more windows than can be found in my entire New York City apartment.

Anyone else first-drafting this winter? I think it’s harder than revising… all those intimidating blank pages.

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