Not a City Girl at Heart

I grew up, for the most part, in the mountains. I grew up where my books take place. Imaginary Girls is set in the town where I went to high school.

I grew up where this was more commonplace…

Not-NYC snow

…than this:

NYC snow

But the second photo is a shot from the curb right outside my building in New York City, the building where I’ve lived for about nine years now. The first photo is where I am right now… just for a short while.

This morning, I headed on foot down this road:

The morning walk to my writing studio—it had snowed again last night

And I looked out across the snow-filled meadow:

The view back to where I'd walked from

And I breathed in the cool, fresh air, which smells so entirely different from the air I’m used to breathing in the city, and I was struck by the beauty of the snow, and the satisfying crunch it made under my boots, and I was filled with memories of being a kid, when this was really all I knew.

I’ve lived in Manhattan—first for grad school, then while working in the publishing industry, now as a writer—for well over a decade. It’s my home now. But sometimes, when I’m away from city noise and surrounded by nature, my body reminds me that wasn’t always so.

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5 responses to “Not a City Girl at Heart”

  1. I love the photos! And the idea of a lovely walk to a “writer’s studio.” I’ve only visited NYC, but love it. So interesting how every place has it’s good and less-good aspects.


  2. Isn’t it weird that we return home in our fiction? I left the south for many reasons, but my fiction always takes place there. I, however, have no idea why there are so many ninja references.


  3. I’m the same way — I’ll always be the girl who grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Give me some rolling valleys and stretches of farmland and grain silos and windmills and horses and I’m right at home.


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