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My Greatest Accomplishment So Far This Year

It’s the first month of 2011 and I have to tell you what I’ve done. Something amazing. I’m here at the artist colony—yes, it’s a great gift and an achievement to be here, but that’s not what I want to tell you about. I did something rather phenomenal this morning that I want to announce here.

I made…

with my own two hands…

the absolute GREATEST

most *perfect*

Writing Tent


A photo won’t do it justice, because so much of its perfection is the feeling that comes when sitting inside it, so let me describe the Writing Tent to you. I found the ideal spot inside my writing studio, near a window but still tucked away. And there, using black and purple scarves and a deep blue bedspread, a lamp, a table, and creative maneuverings with push pins, a wall, a tackboard, and the windowsill I made the perfect space to write my novel in. It has soft, calm walls and a warm and enveloping ceiling. A light can come on inside if needed, and a view of the woods can be revealed if I’m seeking scenery. There’s just enough room for my laptop, a good-luck charm, a special secret item just given to me to look after this morning, a thermos of coffee, and some carrot sticks to snack on (also an outlet, to plug things in). There’s a feeling of safety inside, a sense of privacy. A certain kind of novel could be written in this tent… and it will be.

(I suppose this post could also be titled Things Writers Do to Entertain Themselves While at Artist Colonies When They’re Supposed to Be Working.)

Are you all proud of me?

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8 responses to “My Greatest Accomplishment So Far This Year”

  1. I’m extremely jealous of you, is what I am!! I think I need to make my office more tentlike. Although, to be honest, most of what I write in here these days seems to be articles about dubious alternative medicine practices, which I arguably only need a tent for in that it will isolate me and force me to work.

    Speaking of which. Um, yeah. Procrastinating.

    And jealous of your tent!

  2. Awesome! I’ve found that your writing space can really impact your creativity. Someday I hope to create a better writing space for myself. I like the tent idea 🙂

  3. I really hope that the “special secret item given to [you] this morning” is a kitten. But even if the writing tent is kitten-free, this sounds like a lovely place for a novel to be born.

  4. you are hilarious! come onnn post a picture for those of us with imaginations that could use some help lol

    came across your blog yesterday and even though i’m not a writer per se, I really like your style. your personality seems to come through in the way you express yourself

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