In Which My New Novel Gets Some Help from Scrivener

I’ve admitted before that I don’t like to ask for help. Call it stubborn. Call it delusional. Call it visionary—because, sometimes, if you don’t ask others for help, you come to a solution on your own… since, uh, you sorta have to. But, lately, I’ve been realizing that I need a little help organizing myContinue reading “In Which My New Novel Gets Some Help from Scrivener”

Just Another Blissfully Unaware Blog Post

Oh, internet. I love you, I do. But you’re making it very difficult to stay a blissfully unaware, outwardly confident person.* It’s been like walking into a crowded cocktail party and discovering everyone is talking about you and then later you realize you’ve got your pantyhose bunched up in your skirt. Assuming you wear pantyhose.Continue reading “Just Another Blissfully Unaware Blog Post”

Imaginary Girls… Book Blurbs!

There’s this exciting little piece of publishing a book… Sometimes authors you love and admire read your book in advance and say nice things about it. And sometimes they believe in you enough to put those nice words on your book jacket so readers can see, too. As in, blurbs. Yes! I am so amazedContinue reading “Imaginary Girls… Book Blurbs!”

Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere

When I was away at the MacDowell Colony—a perfect place to write if there ever was one—I found myself asking where everyone else wrote. In real life. I was so curious about other people’s usual writing spaces because writing in this… …sure isn’t my usual reality. (That little cottage was my studio! All my own!)Continue reading “Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere”

Celebrating “A Tiger in the Kitchen” with a Family Recipe

Today is the day A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan comes out, and to celebrate the big day with Cheryl I, along with other bloggers, will be sharing a recipe that is very special to my family. So special, in fact, my grown siblings and IContinue reading “Celebrating “A Tiger in the Kitchen” with a Family Recipe”

Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight

I’m melancholy. My time here is coming to its inevitable end, as you can’t stay at an artists colony forever, though there’s always that urban legend of the artist who chained himself to his studio so they wouldn’t make him leave, which I think many of us can relate to. I should say, in myContinue reading “Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight”

Dispatch from the Writing Tent

I’m going to have to take down my writing tent in six days and I’m already well aware of time leaking away from me. Today I’ve had trouble focusing, though a lot can be accomplished in six days, because I’m thinking of all I want and need to do once I get home. I needContinue reading “Dispatch from the Writing Tent”

What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet

I’m used to writing in the city. I write with people around me, always. I’ll write in the mornings in my favorite café, people talking, music blaring, my own headphones jammed in my ears to focus my own soundscape but all the rest still filtering through. I’ll write in the daytime at my writing space,Continue reading “What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet”