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In Which My New Novel Gets Some Help from Scrivener

I’ve admitted before that I don’t like to ask for help. Call it stubborn. Call it delusional. Call it visionary—because, sometimes, if you don’t ask others for help, you come to a solution on your own… since, uh, you sorta have to. But, lately, I’ve been realizing that I need a little help organizing my … Continue reading

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Just Another Blissfully Unaware Blog Post

Oh, internet. I love you, I do. But you’re making it very difficult to stay a blissfully unaware, outwardly confident person.* It’s been like walking into a crowded cocktail party and discovering everyone is talking about you and then later you realize you’ve got your pantyhose bunched up in your skirt. Assuming you wear pantyhose. … Continue reading

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Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere

When I was away at the MacDowell Colony—a perfect place to write if there ever was one—I found myself asking where everyone else wrote. In real life. I was so curious about other people’s usual writing spaces because writing in this… …sure isn’t my usual reality. (That little cottage was my studio! All my own!) … Continue reading