In Which I Wish It Was 1989*, Back Before This Distracting Thing Known as the Internet

My mom sent me this card for my birthday. This is how I want to be.

Thanks to a jolting pep talk from my other half, a motivating talk with my oh-so-wise agent, and the great sea ahead that is my unfinished novel, first draft imminently due to my amazing editor, who will surely direct me to a vast, sparkling sea of revisions…

…I am wondering how to balance Writer-Me with Author-Me with Human Being–Me.

Do I have to turn off the whole internet, or can I restrain myself to only doing certain distracting things during non-writing hours?

What say you, distracting internet?


*I’m sure someone knows when the internet was invented, but I don’t, and I don’t want to distract myself by looking it up.

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6 responses to “In Which I Wish It Was 1989*, Back Before This Distracting Thing Known as the Internet”

  1. Every time I unplug the internet while writing, something hits my brain that my brain says I must research or die as a writer, and then I’m trapped again and the next thing you know I’m researching 80’s cartoons on Wikipedia for three hours or linking stuff that makes me angry to Facebook.


  2. Can we all just agree to turn off the entire Internet for one hour a day when I really, really need to get some work done on this new draft?? 🙂


  3. Hehe you are so cute and OMG I relate, but my problem was with facebook. I was on it 24/7, strange addiction, I had no life. I finally decided to deactivate my page, and that was the best thing I ever did. I have a life now, I am being productive, and creative.
    I now have two blogs one for poetry one for books and writing, I am working on my own novel (yay), and I have time to spend with my little boy.
    So yeah shut it off.

    Hiba ❤


  4. Totally understand. I think mankind created the Internet because no matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t waste all our time in front of a TV.


  5. I write on a computer with no internet connection, or (most often) on a piece of paper with a pen. I’d never get anything done otherwise. I have friends who are highly productive professional writers and they also seem to spend 26 hours a day on Facebook. I don’t understand how they do it.

    (BTW, the internet was invented in the late 1960s, a fact which features in Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, which takes place in 1970. The web — the really distracting part of the internet — was invented around 1990. Unlike the internet itself, the web was basically invented by one guy, a fact which still amazes me.)


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