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The New Novel and 5 Things

I don’t mean to ignore this blog. It’s only that I’ve been working on my new novel, sharpening all my thoughts into one single point of a thought, trying to gain myself some good words and some good pages until they (somehow?) form themselves into a full manuscript and I slap my name on it and turn it in.

Things happening:

Thing #1: I came to a big decision to stop freelancing—copyediting and proofreading on a per project basis for different publishers—I’m not sure yet for how long, at the least for a couple of months, but a voice inside me is saying maybe for good.

Thing #2: The deadline to turn in the first draft of my manuscript is coming up fast and I really want to make it.

Thing #3: If you can’t find me on this blog, you can always find me here or here, though I shouldn’t be on there either, really, if you want the truth.

Thing #4: I’ll have an exciting piece of news to reveal about Imaginary Girls soon. It has to do with the book. And how more people will get to read it if they want, somewhere I can’t say yet!

Thing #5: An author I admire like you have no idea just emailed me while I was typing this post to say some incredible things about my book, which this author just finished reading and… I’ve lost all train of thought and can’t remember what the original Thing #5 was supposed to be!

Must stop with the things. I have to finish writing this chapter. Anyone else writing away like mad this month? Are you stopping for snacks? Any advice on neck aches and word count success? I deserve a snack, right?

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5 responses to “The New Novel and 5 Things”

  1. You definitely deserve a snack! I can’t wait to read your book! Neck aches are prone to all writers, am I write? I hope you feel better!!

  2. You deserve more than a snack — you deserve a 90-minute massage, both to get rid of the neck ache and to give you some quiet time for the final deadline push!

  3. I’ve been revising like mad this month. It is pretty great. Trying not to stop for too many snacks. When I get neck aches I use one of those heated up herb filled aromatherapy wraps. Or ice packs work too.

  4. I’m currently reading Feathered after reading one of your blogs. And,yes, snacks are always good.

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