Tomorrow Is a New Day

Here’s a little piece of writing advice I give myself. I give it a lot, but it’s always worth hearing:

Tomorrow is a new day.

Today can be a big nothing. Today can equal 0 in word count, or deep into the negatives below 0 if I get carried away cutting. I can feel like the book is going nowhere today. I can feel like a crap writer today. I can doubt every single thing there is to doubt today.

And yet… the thing about a bad writing day is that it is only one day.

Tomorrow is a whole new start if I want it to be. Tomorrow could become a big sizzling something. It could equal 2,100 in word count—or more, possibly, much more. The book could go surprising, exciting places tomorrow. I could be worth something tomorrow. Tomorrow could change the whole game.

So I’m giving myself this advice before I go to sleep tonight:

Tomorrow is a new day.

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