Peeking Out of the Writing Cave to Tell You…

…two things on this lovely rainy (that can’t be snow, can it??) day, and neither of them is an April Fool.

I was the “First First” interview for April on Desirous of Everything today. There I talk about my first book Dani Noir, how I found the voice of my snarky overimaginative 13-year-old narrator, and how it was my first book published but not the first (or even the second) book I wrote. I was also asked if blogging here interferes with writing my novels. What do you think I said to that? Read the interview here.

And a group of kidlit authors have gotten together to hold an auction to raise money to help Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The Write Hope auction is donating to Save the Children’s emergency relief fund—and today the writer Debra Driza donated a copy of an ARC of Imaginary Girls and put it up for auction. I’ll sign and personalize it, and I’ll include some Imaginary Girls bookmarks. (Which I do have! More on those bookmarks later.) Here’s where you can bid in the auction to help Japan and get an advanced copy of my book.

That’s it for today. Back into the writing cave.

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