Sometimes I Forget…

…that other people are reading this blog.

I confess a lot of things here. Over the years I’ve revealed too much of myself, like how hard it’s been, and when things got better and I started getting more visitors I had to go through my archives and make a lot of posts private… for my own protection. (At one point I was worried about getting fired from my day job for being so mopey!) Yes, sometimes I forget.

But today this post from another author, and a reader of this blog, helped me remember—and made me not regret everything I’ve confessed here. I’m so touched, I don’t even know what to say! Thank you so much, Danielle!

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5 responses to “Sometimes I Forget…”

  1. Hello – I got a little blog subscribing happy when I started my blog a few weeks back. However, your blogs have continued to be a joy to read each time. Thanks – I mentioned you in my blog today.


  2. That’s been a fear of mine so I’ve tried to keep my anonymity from the beginning.


  3. I guess in this day and age you have to be a bit careful about who can see what etc but I live by the motto don’t regret a thing you do, and I’ve done some silly things, but learn from them, if they’re that bad don’t do them again. I think this makes for a better person, who knows ? I’ve been over and read Danielle’s blog entry and left a comment.

    Best of luck with everything [don’t keep everything hidden away – people love to see the raw].



  4. I loved your original post and I loved Danielle’s response (think I have found a new blog to stalk) I’m glad you have no regrets and hope you keep sharing your journey with us 🙂


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