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Imaginary Girls Crossing Oceans!

I have news to share.

It’s about this…


…traveling all the way over here…

…and here!

That’s right, savvy map-readers, Imaginary Girls is going to be published in Australia and New Zealand! This is my first foreign rights sale—ever, in my life—and I’m so thrilled. Pier 9, the fiction imprint of the indie publisher Murdoch Books, will be publishing an AUS/NZ edition of Imaginary Girls... as soon as this July! Pub date to be made official and confirmed, so please don’t hold me to that. But I’m so excited by how excited Pier 9 sounded to publish the book—excitement breeds more excitement and I could fill this post with exclamation points, but I will restrain myself and end this paragraph with a period. Haha, just kidding!

So, YA readers in the US and Canada aren’t the only ones who will get to read Imaginary Girls this summer. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, mark your calendars… Imaginary Girls will be in bookstores near you this summer very soon, too!

Special thanks to my literary agency Dystel & Goderich—especially foreign rights director Lauren Abramo and all co-agents involved—for this, my very first foreign sale. Yay!

9 responses to “Imaginary Girls Crossing Oceans!”

  1. I spotted the announcement in publishers weekly! Congratulations, it’s so exciting seeing your work spread it’s wings, isn’t it? And I’m sure this is just the start of it for Imaginary girls.

    Eeek! So happy for you.

    All the best.

    Leigh Fallon

  2. I don’t even really ‘know’ you, but I feel very proud of you! Congratulations! After following your blog you truly deserve this. I lived for a year in Australia in 1997. Mostly in Sydney. I did have the pleasure of traveling the entire east coast to Cairns, from there I flew to Darwin and bused it down the centre to Ayers Rock and again back to Sydney with plenty of fun pitstops. I hope you have a wonderful time there. Be sure to check out Bondi Beach, that’s where I lived. It’s a great little place. If you have any questions about Oz, just ask.

  3. Yay, next conquest the UK! Although luckily Imaginary Girls is showing up on Amazon here, so I will get my hands on it sooner rather than later 🙂

  4. Just so you know, it’s winter here when it’s summer over there. 😉 I’m sure you knew what you were talking about haha.

    Murdoch doesn’t publish much YA, so I guess they’re really selective about their titles. Congrats!!

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