Quick Book Updates in SEVENS Because I Like the Number Seven


My very last ARC and bookmark giveaway is still open. You can enter to win a signed ARC (advance reading copy) of Imaginary Girls—and I’m also giving away a bunch of bookmarks, too. Just leave a comment on this post and you’re entered, simple as that. And if you tell me you have a sister, I’ll enter you twice! 21 people will win.


Is that not enough for you? Want another chance to win a bookmark? I’m also giving away bookmarks on Facebook. Just comment here telling me you want one and I’ll pick 10 more winners. (I’ll give some more away on Twitter one day soon.)


Psst, book reviewers. Imaginary Girls is now on Netgalley. A couple people alerted me to this on Twitter yesterday. If you want to request Imaginary Girls for review on Netgalley now you can. Here’s the link!


I’ll be at this year’s Teen Author Carnival! Will you be in New York City during BEA week? I’ll be one of the authors at this year’s Teen Author Carnival on May 23. I’m excited because it sounds like so much fun—and, also, so many other authors I want to meet will be there.


Speaking of seeing me in person… come celebrate This Week in New York’s 10th Anniversary (and hear me read from Imaginary Girls) on May 18. Happy ten years, twi-ny.com! Check out the lineup of musicians and readers and… me. Oh, I should say that this event isn’t for teens… Fontana’s is a bar. But if you’re 21 or over I hope to see you there! I’m so honored to be a part of the celebration!


I know when you can buy Imaginary Girls in Australia. I know when, I know when, I know when—okay, fine I’ll tell you. So do you live in Australia or New Zealand? Your edition of Imaginary Girls, coming out from Murdoch Books/Pier 9, is being published on July 1. I saw it online and everything. Look, you can even pre-order! (Australian blog readers, what’s the best place to pre-order books in Oz? I’ll update my links.) That means I get to celebrate two pub dates, June 14 and July 1!


SCBWI People, I’ll See You in August! Yep. I registered for the big SCBWI LA conference—and it’s my first time going! (Not to LA, to the conference.) I’m excited to meet so many of my writer friends there, and my editor is on a few panels! Also, my agent lives in LA and I’ll get to see him again! And? And? This year’s theme for the Saturday night gala is a pajama party. That cinched it for me. Pajamas? I am there. Anyone else going to the conference? Register here.


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