Giveaway Winners Announced!

My giveaway to win my last (signed!) ARC of Imaginary Girls and twenty, yes 20!, Imaginary Girls bookmarks ended just before midnight last night. Anyone with a sister (half sisters and stepsisters included) got an extra entry. And this morning I woke up and used the randomizer to select the ONE grand-prize winner and the TWENTY bookmark winners and guess who won first prize?

1. Anonymous

Heh. Well, since Anonymous didn’t leave a name or an email address, I had to click the randomizer again and choose a new winner. So here’s the official winner of the signed Imaginary Girls ARC and bookmark to go with it:

1.  Kenzie

Yay, Kenzie! Here’s what she said:

As a big sister myself with a little sister I adore, I love that so much! (And take a look at winner #12 below… I’m so thrilled that two sisters won!)

And now here are the TWENTY BOOKMARK WINNERS:

2. Anna
3. Christian
4. Nina (N.A.) Nelson
5. Uniquely Moi Books
6. Lauren Morrill
7. JessiM
8. Josie Baker
9. Elaina watler
10. Molly
11. Jeanne Ryan (Serenissima)
12. Bailey Kelsey
13. Jennifer Estes
14. Cindy @ Books Complete Me
15. jessica shaw
16. beth
17. Sally
18. Alexa
19. Jessica Arb
20. Sarah
21. Danielle Klimecko


And that’s not all. There are 10 MORE WINNERS from Facebook. So if you didn’t win here, go check my Facebook author page and see if you’re on it!

I’ll email the winners soon to ask for mailing addresses—and to see if you want your bookmarks signed—but just let me reach my daily word count first. This new novel is due soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

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